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Sew what are you waiting for?

This fortnight’s blog is kicking off with yet another juicy assortment of hand picked goodies selected by the SSS team. We have chosen an addictive book, a mouth-watering shop, a healthy exhibition, a quirky restaurant and a team favourite you cannot miss!

  1. Not That Kind of Girl – musings and stories written by the audacious Lena Dunham. If you are a fan of HBO’s Girls you will love this.
  2. The Biscuiteers -totally delicious crumbly goodness, perfect for all occasions (check out the Mothers Day biccies below!) and the biscuit boutique in Battersea is a MUST see.
  3. BBC Good Food Eat Well Show- Olympia from the 27th Feb to the 1st of March- a wholesome healthy event hosted by an impressive array of chefs and celebs.
  4. Gingerline – A nomadic dining experience hosted in a hush hush pop up location along the East London overground line. It is created by two-adventure loving foodies…book in and wait with anticipation for a text detailing the secret location.
  5. The SSS Top pick of the week is a brilliant play called ‘The Nether’ on at the Duke of York’s Theatre in Soho. Compelling yet dark…not recommended for a first date!

Saturday Sewing Sessions top picks.

The focus of this weeks blog is about a lovely lady called Fran and her sewing journey. Her passion for sewing has evolved from wanting to create unique personal decorations for her new home and has led on to her selling accessories on Etsy. Read on to see how simply ‘giving it a go’ can lead to discovering something you love.

So Fran how did you get into sewing?

I loved the thought of being able to do something creative and make something for myself and my kids. And when we bought our new house I started making cushions and decorations to give it a personal touch. At first I just experimented and gave it a go, but eventually I wanted to learn more techniques so I found the Saturday Sewing Sessions and attended some classes to become more confident. Its now evolved into something I love and a bonus is making money from it too!

What aspect of sewing do you like most?

I like both dressmaking and accessories, but at the moment I’m focusing on creating accessories as I sell them on my Etsy shop Sewingly beautiful. But I do have some gorgeous jersey fabric waiting to be made into lovely summer dresses for my girls and me.

Fran's Easy Shop makes

Below is my before and after from when I attended the Saturday Sewing session’s ‘Jersey in a jiffy’ introduction to pattern cutting and dressmaking course. I loved creating a garment that no one else will have…And what beautiful fabric!

Fran Saturday Sewing Sessions Jersey in a Jiffy before & after

What is it you love about sewing?

I have two small kids who take up most of my time, but I try and make time for sewing whenever I can. I love buying fabric (one can never have enough fabric) and then get the scissors out and start making something. When making dresses I normally don’t think too much about it before and start drawing a pattern onto the fabric and just go for it and see what comes out of it. Luckily most of the times it works!

What advice would you give to people who are beginner sewers eager to learn more?

Just go for it! You don’t need an expensive sewing machine, a pretty basic one is enough to see if you enjoy it, but I would definitely recommend attending sewing classes at some point if you really want to go further with it.

Would you recommend Etsy to other sewers keen to sell their projects?

Absolutely. Don’t expect to sell lots and lots, but if you do get an order it just makes you feel good and gives you more confidence. Have a look around on Etsy to find similar items of what you are wanting to sell to get ideas on pricing.

Fran & her Daughters.

Thank you so much to lovely Fran for taking the time out to catch up with the SSS. If you have been inspired to give it a go, have a look at our beginners classes to learn the basics… you will be cross stitching before you know it!

If you fancy saying hello or have any recommendations for pick of the week, please comment below, we would love to hear from you!


Pinnies for Pancake Day

Its that time of the year again Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday

One of my faves!

Whether it is the eve before giving up something for lent or simply because you find them delicious pancake day falls this year on the 4th March.

That just happens to be my sisters birthday so I know what we’ll be having for pudding, but due to when Easter falls, it changes every year.

Traditionally, a religious festival it is cemented in the British Calendar.

We can either celebrate flipping our pancakes in our own kitchens amongst families and friends or head into town and  flip them in streets across England where  pancake races have become a tradition.

Look at these amazing images… (more…)

A little lesson in love from the Saturday Sewing Sessions.

Chelsea Victoria Etsy Shop Hearts, Twinkle Lights- Holding On To Love. Hearts, valentine, sewing, dressmaking Saturday Sewing Sessions.

Image Credit: Chelsea Victoria Etsy Shop Hearts, Twinkle Lights- Holding On To Love.

Each week on the blog we are going to select our top five ‘picks of the week’ in the following categories: exhibitions, shops, books, restaurants and the SSS team’s favourite. They won’t necessarily be sewing related but just interesting things for lovely people.

  1. Deliciously Ella cookery book- whole plant based recipes from a very inspirational lady. Ella’s philosophy is all about embracing natural food your body loves.
  2. SMUG gorgeous lifestyle store in Camden (and online) selling beautiful stationary, homeware & much much more.
  3. Thea Porter Exhibition- at the Fashion & Textile Museum, 6th Feb- 3rd May. Fashion & interior design from the pioneer of 1970’s bohemian chic- major dressmaking inspiration!
  4. 10 Greek Street -Unpretentious tasty hearty food in Soho. It has a small perfectly picked menu, friendly staff and a buzzing atmosphere…Yum, yum and yum.
  5. The SSS favourite this week is the seriously addictive Serial Podcast. The first season unearths a complex murder case in Baltimore 1999, which will keep you guessing…did Adnan really do it? Not exactly tying in with the Valentines theme this week, but it’s just too good to miss.

 Saturday Sewing Sessions Top 5 Picks of the week banner.

With Valentines Day looming we thought it might be topical to tackle the subject of love. Whether you are single, taken or too busy stitching to care, read on to find out our top sewing related lurve tips that will get you in a romantic mood this Valentines Day….


So, you and your other half have been together for a while, and maybe you are looking for something special to surprise them with this year? Well forget the bouquets of flowers, dinner for two and annihilating that trusty tray of Guylian Chocolates, and book yourself in for our Naughty Knickers workshop on Sunday the 8th of February 2015! Nothing says ‘thoughtful present’ more than a handcrafted gift you can both enjoy. Your Naughty Knickers can be personalised however you want; sew on bows, appliques, ribbons, lacey trims and other pretty decorations…. It’s completely up to you!


Valentine’s Day can be a sore subject if you are a singleton with only a hearty tub of Ben & Jerry’s to keep you company. But have no fear! The SSS team has the perfect solution to get cupid working overtime. It is a fact that you meet Mr/Mrs Right when you stop searching for them and start focusing on something you love. Start a new hobby that excites you as it opens you up to meeting like-minded people and discovering what makes you passionate and creative. And what is more attractive than watching someone who is impassioned by what they do, you can literally see the happiness radiate off them! And if dressmaking could be your thing, have a look at our upcoming classes…. After all, you may need to knock up a little black dress for all the dates you will be asked out on!       

Too busy stitching?

Most of us sewaholics will be in this category… make sure you share your lovely makes via our Instagram & Twitter. Soon we will be launching our ‘Make of the Month’ to everyone who has taken part in our classes, so keep an eye on the website.

If you fancy saying hello or have any recommendations for pick of the week, please comment below, we would love to hear from you!

Happy Valentine’s Day


P.S If you are still stuck for prezzie ideas for your Valentine you can buy gift vouchers here for our SSS classes or when in doubt, diamonds are ALWAYS a winner!