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Are you Bikini ready?

Now we are not wading in on the Protein World debate, we simply want to inspire some summer ready sewing projects! After all everyone is beach ready, but not everyone has made their very own swimsuit.

In the build up to summer the high street is bursting with bikinis, kaftans and swimming cozzies. I spent a day traipsing through the shops looking for the perfect bikini to accompany my upcoming summer holiday. I knew what style and colour I was after but it just didn’t exist in the shops. On my way home, bereft of bikini the idea struck me…..I could just make it myself! I love dressmaking so why do I feel like swim wear is a different ball game?

So this fortnight I’m going to be looking at classic swimwear patterns and nifty ideas to make your handmade swimwear stand out for all the right reasons. As on all the Saturday Sewing Sessions blogs I’m going to start off with our top picks of the week in the following categories; book, exhibition, shop, restaurant and the highly anticipated SSS team pick of the week.

1. The Mindfulness Colouring Book- An adult colouring book developed to soothe anxiety and eliminate stress …. We say pass the Crayola.

2. London Craft week (May 6th- 10th) a week of activities, exhibitions, expert craftsmanship and general homemade goodness, get involved!

3. What Mother Made- It’s Kids fashion, but not as you know it.  With their chic 2015 collections you are in real danger of your children being more stylish than you are.

4.  Sushi54 Putney- My Favourite sushi takeaway in London- so fresh, so tasty and quick delivery. It blows the big sushi chains out of the water!

5. SSS Top Pick: This one is a social media trend that every home sewer should be involved in ‘Me Made May’ simply post a snap of your homemade outfits using the Hashtag #MeMadeMay and be involved in promoting home dressmaking in a world of mass produced garments!

Saturday Sewing Sessions Blog Bikini ready Top Picks

So on with the Bikini Feature!

First of all I thought I would pick out a 2015 Swimwear trend that I totally love, then look at how to make it by altering one type of pattern the Butterick 4526. Available to buy here. Learning to alter patterns is such a useful skill in dressmaking, which means you can make beautiful one off pieces tailored to just how you want them, we have a brilliant course that breaks down the process of reading patterns (with classes coming up in May, June & July!) book on now to get pattern savvy.

Saturday Sewing Sessions Blog Bikini ready Butterick Bikini Swimsuit Pattern

I love the high neckline on these pieces, it gives a chic look. This can easily be achieved by altering the Butterick pattern above. This swimwear shape can work with patterned lycra or with textured fabrics, but looks great plain too. If you are keen to give it a go but weary of using a new stretch fabric like lyrcra then get in touch we do one to one classes too.

Saturday Sewing Sessions Blog Bikini ready Bikini Swimsuit Pattern High neck 2015 Fashion trends sewing London

A great way to create a unique look is to add different embellishments to your swimwear, this can also work with old bikinis that you want to give an update. Here are some easy DIY bits that can add an instant wow to old tired pieces.

Saturday Sewing Sessions Blog Bikini ready Bikini Swimsuit Pattern High neck 2015 Fashion trends sewing London

Fringing and pom poms give a stylish edge and are bang on trend for summer 2015. Adding cute flowers, feathers and gems also give a tired old swimsuit a new lease of life (do bear in mind that there can be a fine line between fashionable and Carnival!).

The beach look is not complete without a cover up, and we have the perfect course to make your own Maxi Kaftan in June and July. Choose your own fabric and you can be beach ready before you know it.

Saturday Sewing Sessions Blog Bikini ready Bikini Swimsuit Pattern High neck 2015 Fashion trends sewing London

We hope you have enjoyed this fortnights Bikini feature, do send us any snaps of your homemade swim wear and of course tag us on Instagram and Twitter.

And don’t forget about #MeMadeMay!

Happy Sewing x


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