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All wrapped up in glamourous fur – faux of course!

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It is getting chilly out there folks and what better way but to get the fur out – faux fur of course.

Fur is everywhere this season, its on our heads, round our wrists, full coats and gorgeous fur collars. Whether we are adding it to our leather jackets, sprucing up our Winter coats or wearing it over our glamourous winter dresses, it makes any outfit fabulous! Look at what is happening on the catwalk…

Wearing fur has been around since we have, although initially as a necessity for warmth it is now very much part of the fashion scene and has been for 100s of years.

Now, thank goodness, it is mostly faux fur and with so many gorgeous faux furs out there, whether looking at vintage fashion or contemporary fashions it can all be replicated in the mass selection of faux fur.

Look at these beauties from a bygone era…

There is something about adding a touch of fur to make any outfit look chic and sassy – Downton Abbey have Shirley MacLaine all wrapped up.

Shirley MacLaine

Stunning Shirley MacLaine in dark fur collar with match cuffs – oh the glamour!

I have a love affair of historical costume. I studied it for my degree but I think perhaps I have an unhealthy obsession with the 1930s/40s. The person I am most inspired by is the incredible Amy Johnson.

A girl from Hull who was the first woman to fly to Australia at just 27 years old in a second-hand Gipsy Moth plane she named “Jason”. Perhaps not as famous as her American counterpart, Amelia Earhart, but this woman was incredible.

I am so in love with her I replicated this image for my final costume at uni (Wimbledon School of art) can you guess which is which?

Well you are right, the real image is the one on the right, but don’t they look a little similar? Anyway, I had to throw it in as although its not a furry fur collar, it is astrakhan fur – shorter curly fur but still gorgeously glam over a leather coat.


Due to the winter just starting and fur being ever so fashionable and flexible we have the perfect session for you to make your very own.

Choosing your own fur and a with either a matching coloured lining or something totally outrageous, you can make this fur collar/stole in whatever colour faux fur you wish. Either make it pop in Gucci purple or classic white like Marlyn.

Fur Stole

 Fur stole or collar to go over a coat or as a glam accessory. Photo courtesy of Cloth Magazine. We went for a 2 tone as you can see above but the choice is endless.

In 2 hours you will walk away with your very own. Only basic skills required (so any beginners session will have you well prepped) plus you will learn how to work with fur, add a lining and learn some hand hand stitches too.

Come and join us for our Fabulous Faux Fur wrap session – we would love to see you.

Merry Christmas and thanks for listening X



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