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Pinnies for Pancake Day

Its that time of the year again Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday

One of my faves!

Whether it is the eve before giving up something for lent or simply because you find them delicious pancake day falls this year on the 4th March.

That just happens to be my sisters birthday so I know what we’ll be having for pudding, but due to when Easter falls, it changes every year.

Traditionally, a religious festival it is cemented in the British Calendar.

We can either celebrate flipping our pancakes in our own kitchens amongst families and friends or head into town and  flip them in streets across England where  pancake races have become a tradition.

Look at these amazing images… (more…)

A little lesson in love from the Saturday Sewing Sessions.

Chelsea Victoria Etsy Shop Hearts, Twinkle Lights- Holding On To Love. Hearts, valentine, sewing, dressmaking Saturday Sewing Sessions.

Image Credit: Chelsea Victoria Etsy Shop Hearts, Twinkle Lights- Holding On To Love.

Each week on the blog we are going to select our top five ‘picks of the week’ in the following categories: exhibitions, shops, books, restaurants and the SSS team’s favourite. They won’t necessarily be sewing related but just interesting things for lovely people.

  1. Deliciously Ella cookery book- whole plant based recipes from a very inspirational lady. Ella’s philosophy is all about embracing natural food your body loves.
  2. SMUG gorgeous lifestyle store in Camden (and online) selling beautiful stationary, homeware & much much more.
  3. Thea Porter Exhibition- at the Fashion & Textile Museum, 6th Feb- 3rd May. Fashion & interior design from the pioneer of 1970’s bohemian chic- major dressmaking inspiration!
  4. 10 Greek Street -Unpretentious tasty hearty food in Soho. It has a small perfectly picked menu, friendly staff and a buzzing atmosphere…Yum, yum and yum.
  5. The SSS favourite this week is the seriously addictive Serial Podcast. The first season unearths a complex murder case in Baltimore 1999, which will keep you guessing…did Adnan really do it? Not exactly tying in with the Valentines theme this week, but it’s just too good to miss.

 Saturday Sewing Sessions Top 5 Picks of the week banner.

With Valentines Day looming we thought it might be topical to tackle the subject of love. Whether you are single, taken or too busy stitching to care, read on to find out our top sewing related lurve tips that will get you in a romantic mood this Valentines Day….


So, you and your other half have been together for a while, and maybe you are looking for something special to surprise them with this year? Well forget the bouquets of flowers, dinner for two and annihilating that trusty tray of Guylian Chocolates, and book yourself in for our Naughty Knickers workshop on Sunday the 8th of February 2015! Nothing says ‘thoughtful present’ more than a handcrafted gift you can both enjoy. Your Naughty Knickers can be personalised however you want; sew on bows, appliques, ribbons, lacey trims and other pretty decorations…. It’s completely up to you!


Valentine’s Day can be a sore subject if you are a singleton with only a hearty tub of Ben & Jerry’s to keep you company. But have no fear! The SSS team has the perfect solution to get cupid working overtime. It is a fact that you meet Mr/Mrs Right when you stop searching for them and start focusing on something you love. Start a new hobby that excites you as it opens you up to meeting like-minded people and discovering what makes you passionate and creative. And what is more attractive than watching someone who is impassioned by what they do, you can literally see the happiness radiate off them! And if dressmaking could be your thing, have a look at our upcoming classes…. After all, you may need to knock up a little black dress for all the dates you will be asked out on!       

Too busy stitching?

Most of us sewaholics will be in this category… make sure you share your lovely makes via our Instagram & Twitter. Soon we will be launching our ‘Make of the Month’ to everyone who has taken part in our classes, so keep an eye on the website.

If you fancy saying hello or have any recommendations for pick of the week, please comment below, we would love to hear from you!

Happy Valentine’s Day


P.S If you are still stuck for prezzie ideas for your Valentine you can buy gift vouchers here for our SSS classes or when in doubt, diamonds are ALWAYS a winner!



Let it Sew, Let it Sew, Let it Sew

The merriest of Christmas  to you, you wonderful people!

What a year!
There has been laughter, there has been tea,  there have been amazing makes and there has been TV appearances, but mainly, there has been you!

Here at SSS HQ it has been a really special year and that is all down to you for joining us, for trusting us with teaching you how to sew and for working with scary needles!

We want to give you all a Christmas salute to thank you all SO much for making
Saturday Sewing Session such a special, creative and lovely environment throughout this year.


Next year is already shaping up to be busy but fun!
There will be some new sessions in lingerie, taught by  the lovely Laura Stanford, one of the co-authors of a gorgeous book The Secrets of Sewing Lingerie – so there will be Bra and knicker making weekends!

This is also a super stocking filler and then join us to get taught by the lady herself!

Plus we have all our sessions as usual and we have some lovely new girls joining the team

In the mean time a Very Happy Christmas one and all and a very Happy New Year.
See you in 2015!

Arianna , Mariya and Joelle

It wasn’t really snowing in The Breakfast Club - I just got a bit app happy!

PS. Don’t forget we do GIFT VOUCHERS! #Lastminute
if you have already bought one of our gift vouchers (well done you) how about adopting a Donkey!
That also makes a wonderful gift!


Scrumptious chemise…

We have an exciting new lingerie expert to add to the Saturday Sewing Session team.

The lovely Freya will be delivering her silk nighty session starting this Sunday!

Freya started out her sewing career as a sewing blogger – Handmade by Freya. Having learnt to sew whilst she was young, she picked it back up after many years, looking for a creative outlet from her not so creative day job.

With a passion for sewing lingerie and becoming frustrated with the lack of attractive sewing patterns on the market with decent instructions she undertook vocational courses in lingerie. Studying  at KCC in Lingerie construction and Pattern Cutting. Freya has since set up her own sewing pattern company specialising in lingerie patterns - Elise Sewing Patterns


Elise Sewing patterns

We are excited to have Freya teaching her scrumptious vintage inspired silk nighty/chemise pattern at Saturday Sewing Session. All the info can be found here.

Lace silk nighty


Working from Freyas gorgeous pattern, you learn how to:

  • Work with silk or a similar fabric that drapes beautifully
  • Cut and sew on the bias of the fabric
  • Create shape in the bust through pleating
  • Add lace inserts, learn how to do ‘window lacing’ (a lovely technique for delicate detailing)
  • Create the couture skill of rouleau straps (those barely there straps)
  • French seams and finishing off with a tiny pin hem.


This is a session for the dressmaker who wants to move up a notch and hone in on some beautiful finishing techniques.  Who better to learn from than the pattern maker herself!

Plus the pattern is yours to take home, with full instructions for you to make as many as you wish. You could shortern the pattern to make a little silk camisole or lengthen it to make a stunning full nighty – the choice is yours.

For more inspiration here are some images I have found of similar patterns by some very chic design houses.

You can make the pattern in any colour combination that you wish to make it truly unique. This pattern also looks stunning in a cotton lawn or something similar if silk seems a bit scary! Book your place here – spaces are limited.

Thanks for listening X



Our beautiful Joelles Wedding…

At Saturday Sewing Session we are very lucky to have truly wonderful girls as part of the SSS team – talented, gorgeous and with styles to die for!

So, when our lovely Joelle married her childhood sweetheart in August this year, we knew the wedding would be something special. So much so, that the awesome and award winning blog ‘Love my Dress’ picked it up.

You can read all about Joelles day here. Prepare for the heart swell.


Joelle and Bens Wedding

Aside from teaching at SSS Joelle has a great wedding consultation business called Rust and Stardust

If you are planning a wedding and needing some help with ideas, stationary, theme etc you can get in touch with her through her website.

Thanks for listening


Gorgeous Kiss-Lock glasses case tutorial…

Hello Sewers!

Here is a quick tutorial to make for a gorgeous Kiss-lock purse. Keep the design small for your pennies and pounds or simply extend it to make a glasses case like in the tutorial!

These clasps come in various shapes and sizes, perfect to make a whole collection!

Kiss-Lock Purse!

Below are the details on how to go about making one for yourself or someone you love. I extended the pattern to make a glasses case but the principle is exactly the same. I have used a 3” curved frame but you can change the pattern depending on your clasp size and shape.

How to draw up your pattern

- Fold the paper in half and place your frame on a blank piece of paper and draw around the outside of the frame (green pen)

You only need to mark up one side, then fold and cut both out together to make them symmetrical – I have done the long version in the pics!

- Mark 2.5cm (1 inch) along from 1 edge

- Mark 1cm (1/2 inch) up from the top of the curve

-Draw a line (dashed pencil line - free hand is fine)

-For a glasses case measure from the very top of the pattern, down the crease to 21cm (8 1/2 inches) and mark – you can make whatever size you wish!

- The bottom width of the case should be approx. 14cm (5 1/2 inches) (7cm (2 3/4 inches) from the crease

- Draw in the pattern and cut out.

Drawing in the hinge!

- Line the frame up with the initial marking (green line) and rotate it around until the edge of the hinge hits the side of the pattern

- From that point, measure 1.2cm (1/2 inch) down and mark – shown below with a blue line, fold the paper again and mark on the other side.

Once you pattern is all marked and cut out its time to cut out the fabrics.

2 x Top fabric - 2 x Lining Fabric - 2 x Interfacing

*Remember: notch (snip) the hinge markings on all of the pieces

Once you have cut all your pieces out, you’ll need to iron on your interfacing to the wrong side of the lining. Follow manufacturers instructions.



There is 1cm (1/2 inch) SA (Seam Allowance) already on the pattern.

- With the RIGHT sides of your top fabric together, pin from hinge snip to hinge snip leaving the curve at the top open. Sew.

- Repeat with lining BUT at the bottom of the case leave a gap so mark a 6cm (2 1/2 inch) gap

-Sew in the same manner as above, starting at the notches and finishing at the opening. Repeat the other side.

Once this is all done and you have both bags sewn up, its time to put a flat bottom onto your case. It looks really good and will give your bag shape. This is a great little trick for lots of bags.

- Taking the corner of your top fabric bag, open out so that your bottom seam is lined up with your side seam. It should look like a triangle with little ears

- Mark 1.5cm (1/2 inch) and a bit down from the tip of the triangle and mark with a pin or chalk/pen. Make sure that it is lying flat and sew a straight line along that marking. Cut off the excess

- Repeat with the other corner and the corners of the lining too.Making the corners

- Turn your top fabric the right way round.

- Next, slip your top fabric bag into the lining bag so both right sides are together and the bottoms meet.

- Once the exterior bag is safely tucked into the lining, sew up the curved edges.

- Pin in place at first (right side to right side)

-With your 1cm SA you want to sew around the curve, notch to notch, meeting up with your side seams

It’s a bit fiddly so start and stop if necessary to get a neat curve. Leave the needle in. lift the foot and manoeuvre.

Once you have sewn them up, its time to get rid of some of the excess fabric so that you have a neat curve when the case is pulled through to the right side.

To do this, cut out little triangles, being careful not to snip your lovely stitching.

Sewing the curve up

- Now ‘Bag it out’  pull the exterior bag through the gap in the lining and turn it in on itself so that the lining will be inside the glasses case.

- Finger press the curve making sure you haven’t any lumps and bumps and that everything looks great. Before you iron, you’ll need to sew up the bottom of the lining bag.

- Pull the lining through again and stitch up the gap. Use a matching thread to make it really neat or a hand sewn slip stitch.

Bagging out and sewing up the gap.

Push the lining back in and press so that the curve is really crisp and tidy as we are going to add glue right on the edge!

Time for the clasp! 

 - Open up the clasp and apply glue to the inside channel of one of the sides

- Then glue one side of the curve of the case

Its a bit messy but I have always loved getting glue all over the place, however, the glue will come happily off the frame but not the fabric so be a bit careful.

- Wait a moment for the glue to become a bit tacky and then insert your purse into the frame…

- Start by inserting both the sides of the purse into the frame at the hinge end and working pretty quickly push the top of the purse in too

- A small pair of scissors or a head of a pin are a great help in pushing the fabric into the frame

- Check the back and the front all the time making sure it is secure and in place

- Leave to dry for 10 mins and then start with the other side

kiss lock clasp on

When its dry and the excess glue has been wiped away, double check its all looking lovely, make sure the clasp opens and closes and its looking great.

Ta – Daaaaa

Then pour a lovely glass of wine or put the kettle on! Pop your sunnies, reading glasses or pennies in their new home.

For your specs

We would LOVE to see any of your makes. Post onto our Facebook page or Tweet us.

Thanks for listening!





Channel 4’s This Old Thing – Behind the scenes…

This Old Thing

How it all happened…

Last March I was asked to be involved with a TV show pilot. The thought made me nervous, a little bit sick and March is my busy time with hats and wedding dresses so I was secretly pleased that I couldn’t do it due to other commitments. I didn’t think any more about it.

Spring forward to August!

One morning I got the call from the very lovely Sarah. She told me about the show again and if I was free to do a camera test, that the show was full steam ahead and would I like to be involved. I think I spoke to Sarah nearly every day and I nervously run out of excuses to say ‘no’ to a camera test. Caught off guard one day and swallowing my nerves I came out with ‘ Oh. All right then’

A day later, or there abouts, a couple of the crew came over to my studio with a camera and some questions and I just chatted… chat chat chat. I went through what I did, other jobs I’ve had, things I have done, pieces I have made, a little bit about me etc , etc.

It turns out I can talk quite a bit!

After the ‘test’ I was chatting to Sarah most days then sunny one morning she told me I got the job, roughly this time last year.

The phone call was a little bit of a blur. I had been so nervous about the whole thing, so obviously I had talked myself out of it, saying I wasn’t going to get the job and that was totally fine, I would just carry on as normal. No worries! I understand normal. It was comfortable here! I also hadn’t told a single soul so that was fine too.

Well, that all changed!

After that call, whoa… wobbly, slightly sick and then this weird mixture of total happiness and excitement for what could happen, mixed with fear as the only other time, just the once, that I have been on camera, I came out in hives — attractive! I am a seamstress. I make hats, sew wedding dresses and have my lovely sewing school. This is a terrifying whole new world.

But, its good to put yourself out there right? So after the call, I went for a coffee with my best friend then went for a swim in the Serpentine. It was a wonderful, slightly nutty day!

The meeting…

A few days later I drove to the meeting to meet everyone. When I arrived a beautiful girl parked up with a familiar black and white flag sticker on her car — if you are from Cornwall, they pretty much give you this sticker when you leave the county as a branding stamp! This was Charlotte. A kindred spirit and now a dear friend.

St. Piran's flag of Kernow - aka Cornwall! Bit of history on flags for you!

St. Piran’s flag of Kernow – aka Cornwall! Bit of history on flags for you! So if you see this on a car, we are on the move!

We walked in and met everyone, had a chat and got the vibe of the coming weeks. Everyone was lovely. We were all in the same boat and after that meeting I knew something fun and very special was about to happen.

I left that meeting and went straight home to get ready for a festival that weekend. Heading up to Portmerioin in Wales – really great festi by the way in a beautiful setting. I spent the weekend relaxing by the sea and I may have had a few pimms, maybe?! I put the sleepless nights down to bumpy tents and snoring campers not the jitters of what was to happen the following week.

I have to show you the beauty that is Portmeirion. The festival is festival No.6. Go if you can, is a wonderful festi!

I got back the day with 1 day to get ready!

First day and beyond…

First day of filming was a whirl wind of  wobbly wonderfulness. The night before I hardly slept, I had my outfit prepped and was ready to go. During the filming we had no bathroom in our flat so it was victorian sink baths all week — that was interesting!

My first day of shooting - you have no idea what my tummy was doing at this point!

My first day of shooting – you have no idea what my tummy was doing at this point!

The whole time we were doing the show, it was one of the happiest working weeks I have ever had.

All the team were amazing.  It was SO fun, it was SO challenging, it was SO new but I was SO happy to be apart of it. That is a lot of SO’s. Everyone involved were wonderful and we became like a little family (ahhhh) and Dawn is totally brilliant. All of us workshop team are all tailors and seamstresses with our own businesses. This was a new thing for all of us and we all supported each other. We quickly became friends and we were constantly learning from one another. Thats the thing with sewing, you are always learning and finding new ways to do things. I picked up some valuable tips from the team. Everything was done on the day, as you saw it in the show.

I have sewed since I was little, its my career but doing the job I do everyday, with lots of people watching and a camera, knowing its going to be on Channel 4!  Well that was a totally different ball game. Plus, we were working with garments that were truly loved and treasured. Its was an honour with a hint of scariness and just a mild dollop of stress! Still, with all that, it was brilliant!

Total happiness with a mix of 'Oh my goodness this is a girls mums wedding dress and I have just chopped into it!' Turned out good though... Phew!

Total happiness with a mix of ‘Oh my goodness this is a girls mums wedding dress and I have just chopped into it!’ Turned out good though… Phew!

It was, and still is a major life lesson. I very nearly didn’t do it. I felt out of my depth with stomach turning nerves. I had them everyday but everything outweighed that. Sometimes it’s a really good reminder to put yourself out there as sometimes it could just be the best thing you have ever done. We all felt like we were apart of something special.

So that was my experience of the show what did you all think?

I really hope you all enjoyed This Old Thing: A Vintage Clothes Show and would LOVE to hear feedback, pictures of things that you have questions about, vintage pieces that need a bit of tweaking etc – GET IN TOUCH!

If you have something in your cupboard, new or vintage that needs a bit of love or just needs fitting properly. We can help! Join us on our Make Do and Mend session, for seamstresses with a little know how or a total beginner or our Survive and Revive session for all hand stitching know how and learn how to do it for yourself. We cover lots of alteration and up-cycling techniques and help with ideas of what is possible with your garments.

If sewing isn’t your thing but you feel inspired to re-zhoosh, simply leave it with us and we can do any alterations for you. Vintage, wedding or otherwise. All the information can be found here.

The show was mainly about vintage and the history and love that went into clothing. How it has changed and what it has done for society and us girls. It was to highlight the transient nature of fast fashion that we have got so used to. Our high street is wonderful, but maybe mix it up a bit. Its about getting your own style that suits you, how to make it fit, re-style it, add a modern twist – there are endless things to do, plus, no one else will have it.

How lovely is that!

Hopefully it highlighted where things come from and how wonderful a one off garment can make you feel. I could ramble on for ages on the joy on vintage but I’ll leave it there!

The show may have finished but you can still get the brilliant book that accompanied the series.

This book is full of really helpful hints and tips on how to look after, mend, alter your garments with a bit of dress history to boot!

This book is full of really helpful hints and tips on how to look after, mend, alter your garments with a bit of dress history to boot! Plus – where to shop!

The show also led me to be part of Dawn’s exciting new clothing venture – BOB. The vintage side of it is up and running, have a goose at the website and continue to watch this space for other fab things!

Have a peek at the Dawn O'Porters vintage clothing website - there are some vintage beauties to be found ... credit card at the ready!

Have a peek at the Dawn O’Porters vintage clothing website – there are some vintage beauties to be found … credit card at the ready! And this is just one arm of this gorgeous business…

Thats a whole ‘nother story, but see what happens when you say YES! It’s exciting!

I will be putting up how too’s in the coming weeks so keep posted and I hope that you feel inspired with your wardrobe and not like you have just read a self help guide … it was all a bit awesome *cue American accent!

In the mean time, here are some videos from us workshop team to get you inspired showing how to hem, sew on a button etc etc

Thanks for listening X



Pencils – and not the ones you write with!


I hope you all enjoyed the sewing bee  - wasn’t it good!

So I had a spare hour the other day and really wanted to try out a pattern by the brilliant By Hand London Girls.

They are a couple of lovely girls who stared drawing up more on trend patterns and the packaging is totally beautiful.

The beautiful Charlotte Skirt from the girls behind By Hand London

The beautiful Charlotte Skirt from the girls behind By Hand London

The packaging is so well thought out and attractive, that alone was enough to tempt me, plus I had heard great things.  I also wanted to try this pencil pattern hoping this would become the one that we would use in our sessions… so here goes!

I went for a faux leather – mainly because I had some but also I was after a really similar leather pencil that I had seen from ASOS, so I thought, I will make myself one and kill 2 birds to also test the pattern. As a seamstress I make and mend for my career and I forget to run myself up some lovely things for myself – so its a real treat to have the time.

It tells you very clearly what you need to make this cracking garment and there are options with the peplum – around the waist, on the hem or without – I went without.

I am so use to making my own patterns that this felt like a royal treat!

I used sandbags to hold the pattern in place, being from Cornwall, its a little bit of home…

Tip… If you are heading to the sea side anytime soon, fill up a little bag with sand – empty them into little calico hand stitched bags when you get back, secure the top and voila – brilliant weights!

Alternatively, any weight or anything heavy will do, pins puncture leather so if you do pin, stay inside the SA (Seam Allowance). I extended the pattern about 2″ to make it more of a midi. It s a very slim skirt so I took the sides out a little too.

Once it was all cut out, I needed to mark the darts -now, there are loads of different ways to mark darts, tailor tacking, chalking, using a spiky roller aka a tracing wheel – as long at you mark where you need to mark, while being aware of your fabric choice, thats fine. In this case I used a tracing wheel and carbon paper to transfer the markings, whilst popping a pin at the head of the dart for accuracy. (Its OK to use pins here as we are going to stitch there anyway!)

Follow the lines of your chosen size, this can look like dotted line mayhem but rolling up against a ruler really helps! Once you have your lines transferred onto the fabric, pinch the right sides together and sew down your drawn lines and off the edge – tie the ends in a knot – as if you are putting a knot in your gift wrap ribbon.


It should look a bit like this from the outside… remember, I chose a faux leather so it looks a little bumpy, even when carefully pressed with a pressing cloth on a low heat. To be honest, I think I took this before I went anywhere near the iron!

If you are using a lovely cotton or something similar, press darts to the side and it will look sharp and polished. Once you have sewn something, press as you go. It really makes a difference to the finished result.

After that, it was sewing the side seams up and I used a white invisible zip to close. Although invisible means invisible I quite liked the idea of perhaps seeing  a flash of white zip so I sewed it a little further away. Its one of the privileges of making your own things – Artistic Licence I think they call it!

Then after attaching the waistband around the top edge of the skirt I fastened the top with a metal popper to secure. Ta Darr my skirt was done and I loves it!

Ta Darrr

Ta Darrr

Excuse the selfie!! So I teamed my new leather pencil skirt with a simple T and, what looks like really scruffy boots!

I thought the pattern was great, easy to use, easy to read, a lovely shape. Next time I think I will pop a vent in the back and will definitely make another with the peplum, perfect for Summer in a bright colour or floral pattern.


This will be our Miss Moneypenny Pencil skirt. A perfect intro to dressmaking covering really great techniques, darts, zips and waistbands.

We would love to see any pics of your makes or if you have any sewing questions let us know and if we can help we will.

Have a wonderful Easter everyone – oohh imagine a skirt made of chocolate!

Thanks for listening and hopefully see you soon.





Win something fabulous…

This competition has now closed! Thank you to everyone who entered we will let the winner know via our newsletter.

Did someone say…Win? Can I be a winner?

Well, yes you can peeps, its that time of the year and sewing is in the air. The Great British Sewing Bee has hit our screens, so once again, and we have something rather fabulous to give away.

Last year, our friends at  Janome gave us a Janome Sewist 525s, and this year we have another one to give to one of you lovely people, just like the one below, plus a £50 voucher from us here at Saturday Sewing Session to get started.

 Brand spanking new Janome Sewing Machine - it could be yours!

Brand spanking new Janome Sewing Machine – it could be yours!

Our sessions are all taught by experienced seamstresses who work within the costume, fashion, vintage and millinery industries so you’ll be in good hands to get sewing. This machine is the same model used on The Great British Sewing Bee and the same one we use at Saturday Sewing Session.

We can either teach you to sew on this shiny new piece of equipment or simply refresh or expand your skills. Venture into  dressmaking, pattern cutting, alterations, piping and loads of things in-between. All our sessions can be found here.

 So, I hear you cry – what do I have to do…

 All we want you to do is 3 easy steps …

1)  Answer this question in the comments below

If you could sew anything that would then come to life – what would it be?

i.e I would sew a giant piece of dark chocolate 

2)  Share this blog using any of the symbols below or to the side

3) Sign up to our newsletter either through our Facebook Page or on our website , if you have already been to a session or signed up, you’ll be on the system, maybe give us a Like instead.

Signing up to our newsletter gives you an insight into some top sewing tips, advise from our team of extraordinary seamstresses and lots of other lovely stuff.

What are you waiting for…

We can get you started on the sewing train asap, fingers crossed, good luck and may the sewing force be with you.

Winners will be announced the day after The Great British Sewing Bee has finished.

Thanks for listening X

Blow me down with a feather – Isabella Blow exhibition at Somerset House

As a Milliner, a lover of fashion and devoted to red lipstick I knew this was a exhibition worth seeing and it didn’t disappoint!

My dear friend Cathy and I and braved the chills and headed down to Somerset House before Christmas for our cultural day out.

Isabella Blow exhibition at Somerset House

I knew a bit about Isabella Blow;  her iconic fashion status and her love of hats.

Born to an English aristocratic family. I knew that she was pitched as the lady that elevated McQueen to stardom – so enamoured with his work she bought his entire  MA fashion show, paying him back in monthly instalments. She supported the remarkable Philip Treacy with his Millinery career, later to become his muse. She also is famed for getting the gorgeous Sophie Dahl to stardom.

These are just a couple of the spectacular pieces that you will see. (more…)

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